This is the work I did for my dear friends Miranda and Richie. The challenge here was the oddly shaped room, the vast alcove built into the wall to house a TV, and budget.


I used Behr Porpoise on the walls, it is literally the perfect gray. It really opened the whole room up. The white was the same as the trim and doors, however the name escapes me right now.




The shape of the room only allowed for the bed to be placed in one area. I thought painting these horizontal stripes would add depth and visual interest to the nook.


The painting of the gray was easy enough. The stripes were definitely a labor of love…and totally worth it. I couldn’t be happier with the way it came out.

3 4 5 6 7

The TV alcove was built by the former owner and was just a black hole collecting the couple’s odds and ends. I am not a fan of TV’s in the bedroom and neither were they…so what to do with this eye sore? Make it a focal point of the room! I painted it a high gloss purple, then carefully chose accent pieces that would create a zen like, yet personal feel. The drift would her husband found on a hike we took together, it was perfect! I also rigged a strand of rope lights inside to give it a warm glow at night. They loved it.

8 9 13

I like to take my clients shopping for the various accents that will help tie a room together and Miranda and I found some really great pieces at HomeGoods and Target. As I begun hanging and placing the objects on either side of their bed it seemed to work out that his side had a much more masculine  feel and her side had a definite feminine vibe. Totally not planned, but I loved it and went with it.

15 14


I am very happy with the way the room came out. But the best part was the look on their faces when they saw it. They loved it and couldn’t believe that it was their bedroom…I love those kind of reactions makes it all worth it.


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