2015…The Year I Write More and Get Lost… Abroad

 abstract-bkgrd-holiday-lights-twinkleWell it is 2015. No flying cars, no hover boards, and my world is not all voice activated and scanned finger prints. But that is ok, too many technological advancements are not good for the soul. Technology is great don’t get me wrong, but there is fine line between being helpful and being completely dependent on technology. The moment you stop distracting yourselfI find that my smart phone, my tablet, and my laptop can often cause a great deal of distraction and noise in my life. And I am the last person that needs more distractions. In an effort to limit the noise and distraction in my life I got rid of Facebook. I also force myself to unplug completely at least once a month for at least 24 hours. I live in NYC and it is constant chaos and noise all the time, but I find that spending a day wandering around alone with no agenda, no cell phones, no tablets can be very therapeutic. It is just you, your thoughts, and this big beautiful city.

Most people don’t usually like being alone, it is hard for most folks to just be quiet and introspective, but I swear to you it is the best thing you can do. The moment you stop distracting yourself and filling the void with mindless chatter is the moment you actually begin to hear yourself and others. You will begin to understand people more, but best of all you will begin to understand yourself more. You will start to discover parts of you that you didn’t even know existed. The moment you stop distracting yourself

But I digress. Back to the point at hand, it is 2015 and there is just enough technology out there to keep me as connected as I want to be. So the other day I was sitting alone during one of my unplugged moments and thought about resolutions. I am not a fan. I feel like most resolutions are setting yourself up for failure, and really nobody needs that. Usually the resolutions people fail at most often are the ones born from self-hate, like losing weight. I am over that. I am me and I love me, all of me. Still there is something to be said for making a promise to make the new year productive, to achieve something. So I made a resolution to blog more. Girl Wood is about what gets me excited, it’s about all the stuff I love in design and decor; why wouldn’t I want to write more about that stuff? In the past I’ve let one too many distractions get in the way of something I truly enjoy, but not anymore.The moment you stop distracting yourself My other resolution is to take my first solo trip abroad. It is one thing to hang around my neighborhood solo and unplugged, but it is quite another to do this in a different country. I am ok being alone, but I think this is definitely going to push me out of my comfort zone, which is something I think we all need from time to time. I am both nervous and excited, but mostly I am just looking forward to spending some quality time with me.

Here’s to a 2015 full of writing, new projects, solo trips and self discovery!



2 thoughts on “2015…The Year I Write More and Get Lost… Abroad

  1. I definitely agree with you when you state, “Usually the resolutions people fail at most often are the ones born from self-hate.” It’s time we focus less on what we don’t have and more on what we’ve already got. It seems you’ve got a wonderful head start. Good luck with your journeys! 🙂

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