DIY Herb Garden

There is just something about summer that makes me want to dig my hands into the cool damp soil and reap all that mamma earth has to offer (in the most environmentally conscious manner of course). But I live in a shoe box in Brooklyn, so my dreams of an English garden meets vegetable garden may need to wait. Until then there is no reason I can’t have fresh herbs at my finger tips even with limited space. Check out a few DIY Herb Gardens for us apartment dwelling city folk and get reaping! 


This is my personal favorite, check it out at




I am also a huge fan of this version seen on



If you have some extra shelf space in your apartment (I envy you if you do) you can try this idea from The Robin’s Nest


Maybe you are short on wall space and on shelf space, if so look up! Check out these two hanging herb gardens.

The first is easy (and cheap) enough to make, as seen on



This one I love even though it’s not a true DIY because you buy these cool upside down pots online at Nevertheless if you have the means go for it! 



Now go forth and build, plant, reap, and repeat!!


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