Last Weekends BKLYN Designs Exhibition

What an inspiring afternoon! I went to the exhibition on Sunday May 12th and was in awe of the talent located here in Brooklyn. So many creative craftsmen (and women) my mind was teeming with so many ideas after I left.

Some people might see such skill and become discouraged. I mean after seeing these folks it was clear I still have a ways to go, but I wasn’t discouraged by this, in fact I was so inspired it was like a push to try harder, to do more, and to take risks.

I thought everyone showing their work were amazing, but a few people stood out to me, and made me think, “This is who I want to be when I grow up.” – they were displaying the below gorgeous credenza. I am obsessed.

Image – these people had a few pieces I wanted to take home with me. Like the Wright X Back Chair. Very simple, very sexy. 



And the Leif Stool…beautiful.



And last but not least – Loved it all. Loved his workshop and showroom. Loved him, he is an incredibly handsome  and talented man. Below are a few of his pieces starting with the Redwood Media Console.



The Industrial Walnut Table.



The Hangar Joist Coffee Table (somebody likes the wood and pipe look just as much as me)



The best part of the show was that everyone involved uses eco friendly, salvaged or sustainable materials to create their pieces. And everything is made here in Brooklyn. Brilliant.



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